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Jennifer Lara

Special Projects Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer grew up to be a resilient woman. She learned early on what it means to be the eldest child and be responsible for her siblings. Growing up in a kinship household, Jennifer has strong bonds with her family, and her past experiences allow her to connect with clients on a personal level.

Jennifer joined PCSLA in 2017 as a Care Coordinator for one of PSCLA’s partner agencies. Throughout the years, she has demonstrated the value she places on teamwork and life-long learning. Jennifer was promoted to Faith-Based Project Manager/Family Advocate in 2018, where she played a crucial role in launching the project at PCSLA’s three original sites. Now, as a Special Projects Manager, Jennifer continues to demonstrate her commitment to the children and families PCSLA serves by taking on new assignments that address both current and emerging needs.