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A Groundbreaking

The launch of our Early Childhood System of Care in 2013 brought together service providers who historically had never worked together to engage in a new kind of collaboration. We shared the insights we had gathered and explained how our system of care addressed long-standing challenges to service connection and delivery. We gained their buy-in to a common vision and goals and their agreement to use shared tools and commit their agencies’ resources to work with us to change the lives of children and families in South Los Angeles.


Here’s how our Early Childhood
System of Care works:

Client enters the Early Childhood System of Care through a Partner Agency or PCSLA.

Primary Care Coordinator (PCC) at the client's entry-point agency, conducts screening to identify the client's service needs.

PCC manages service linkages and ensures cross-agency coordination. Partner Agencies must respond to clients within 3 days. PCC provides ongoing care coordination.

40+ Partner Agencies provide critical services in 7 key sectors. Plus, PCSLA provides enhanced services to meet immediate community needs.

PCSLA provides essential backbone support:

Identifies, evaluates, and selects Partner Agencies

Trains Primary Care Coordinators from Partner Agencies

Provides ongoing monitoring, case support, and training

Maintains tracking and reporting data and conducts program evaluation

Provides custom data and technology platform


Enhanced Services
That Make a Difference

At PCSLA, we continually identify challenges and gaps in meeting the needs of children and families, and most importantly, we build and deliver programs to resolve them.

“What makes PCSLA most successful comes from every individual’s desire to ensure that each and every case is not just a number or statistic, but that actual needs are being met.”

PCSLA Partner Agency