Stepping Up to Parent Her Siblings and Baby

At the age of 18, Shanice became the legal guardian of her younger brother and sister when her mother passed away. Barely an adult herself, Shanice was suddenly in the role of parent. Sometime later, she became pregnant. Her pregnancy made her eligible for PCSLA’s Early Childhood System of Care, which serves families with children from newborn to 5 years.

With the help of her Primary Care Coordinator, Shanice was connected to partner agencies for housing, legal services, child care, and child development services. In alignment with PCSLA’s model, partner agencies followed up with her within three business days. Shanice appreciated the timeliness and that the agencies proactively called her rather than the other way around.

Fast forward. Shanice is about to turn 30 and has much to be proud of. The brother and sister she raised are both attending college, and her little boy is receiving the services he needs to grow and thrive.