System of Care

Partners for Children South L.A.’s Early Childhood System of Care is an effective holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to early childhood systems (social services, health, early childhood education) that identifies and mitigates risk, helps families remain intact, and supports the healthy development of their children.

The System of Care includes intake, triage, assessment, referral, care plans, and case management, as well as tracking and evaluation, and provides effective and efficient linkage to services and cross-agency care coordination for children birth to 5 years and their families in South Los Angeles.

Peer Support Groups

Also, as part of the System of Care, Partners for Children implements two special projects – Kinship Project & Pregnant/Parenting Teen Project. These projects involve Peer Support Groups, led by Relative Caregivers and Pregnant/Parenting Teens, which provide participants with:

  • Opportunities to connect with broader community and peers to combat feelings of isolation;
  • Access to trainings and resources to support leadership development and advocacy efforts;
  • Linkage to services to have a network of support to assist them with properly caring for their children; and
  • Involvement in respite activities because self-care is important as they step back into these demanding parental roles.

Currently, 6 Relative Caregiver Groups and 3 Pregnant/Parenting Teen Groups are operating at 5 SLACWI partner sites, where over 160 participants are impacted each week.