PCSLA and Partners Launch Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Partners for Children South L.A., Children’s Institute (CII), St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, Watts Leadership Institute and a network of Watts-based nonprofits, are excited to introduce You Good?, a mental health awareness campaign centered in South Los Angeles.

The campaign’s goal is to familiarize residents with the signs of trauma and destigmatize discussions about self-care, emotional well-being and counseling. Additionally, it will help connect individuals and families to resources and supportive services within the coalition of trusted partners.

All materials, including a Spanish and English website, focus on emotional well-being and encourage outreach for free support services including counseling, preschool, employment and financial resources, health care, housing supports, parenting groups and more.

The campaign is funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health as part of a four-year grant focused on residents of South Los Angeles who are currently experiencing or are at risk of trauma.

Visit YouGood.LA or EstasBien.LA