Liza Bray, Executive Director    

Liza is both a visionary and hands-on leader. In her role as is the Executive Director, she oversees all aspects of PCSLA, including operational, fiscal and governance management; fund development, strategic planning; staff supervision; partnership development; evaluation; cross-agency care coordination; and external communications.

She has been instrumental in spearheading PCSLA’s evolution and growth and is a sought-after expert on strategic collaborations that deliver sustained impact. Liza has over 28 years of non-profit experience, working specifically with at-risk youth and families in the South Los Angeles community. She grew up and still resides in the very community that she has committed her life to supporting. When she is not working, Liza enjoys spending time with her two cats, watching documentaries, and painting.


Grisel Morales, Project Director

Grisel has dedicated her life to working with families and children in the South Los Angeles  community and possesses deep experience in early childhood education and social service programs. As Project Director, Grisel oversees the Early Childhood System of Care and works closely with PCSLA’s Partners to ensure that families get the support services they need. She has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of the agency’s data management and tracking system, which has resulted in improved data collection and usage by PCSLA Partners. What motivates Grisel every day is her belief that children thrive when they feel safe and loved. When she’s not working, Grisel enjoys reading and spending time with her family and fur babies.


 Jennifer Lara, Special Projects Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jennifer grew up to be a resilient woman. She learned early on what it means to be the eldest child and be responsible for her siblings. Growing up in a kinship household, Jennifer has strong bonds with her family, and her past experiences allow her to connect with clients on a personal level.

Jennifer joined PCSLA in 2017 as a Care Coordinator for one of PSCLA’s partner agencies. Throughout the years, she has demonstrated the value she places on teamwork and life-long learning. Jennifer was promoted to Faith-Based Project Manager/Family Advocate in 2018, where she played a crucial role in launching the project at PCSLA’s three original sites. Now, as a Special Projects Manager, Jennifer continues to demonstrate her commitment to the children and families PCSLA serves by taking on new assignments that address both current and emerging needs.

Francisco Salgado, Special Projects Manager

A Los Angeles native, Francisco has devoted the past decade to working in the health and nonprofit sectors. He has demonstrated his unwavering dedication to the community through years of professional community organizing to uplift the families of South Los Angeles, and more recently as part of the COVID recovery efforts as a contact tracer. Francisco is currently pursuing his Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree and is a passionate advocate for the importance that social justice plays in wellness. He previously served as a referral coordinator for St. John’s Well Child & Family Center. Francisco joined the PCSLA team in September 2020 where he is continuing to make a meaningful difference in the community.


Cynthia Vergara, Faith-Based Project Manager

Cynthia began her tenure at PCSLA as a temporary Care Coordinator. Her determinacy, passion, and care for families gave her the opportunity to become the Faith-Based Project Manager. She now oversees several Catholic School sites in the South Central community. Prior to joining PCSLA, Cynthia worked within the medical field for five years, where she was as a certified Medical Assistant. She continued her education at Long Beach City College and also received her certificate of Achievement for Computer Science. Helping people achieve their optimal well-being is her passion and is what brought her to PCSLA. Cynthia loves to spread joy and enjoys writing poetry, dancing, listening to music and spending time with her son Leonardo.


Tinaya Richardson, Faith-Based Project Manager

For several years, Tinaya Richardson served in leadership at the St. John’s Well Child & Family Center. She is best known for her role as the Pharmacy Administrative Supervisor, where she was instrumental in starting St. John’s Specialty Pharmacy and in the success of The Black Aids Institute Project, which resulted in the opening of “A Clinic For Us.” While working on the project, which is located near Skid Row, she saw first-hand the need for resources beyond medication. It was that realization that led her to her current role as a Faith Based Project Manager/Family Advocate with PCSLA.